Southwest Region



The Southwest Region is unique because it is the only place in the United States where four states meet at a single point, known as the Four Corners. It has great Spanish influence and ranges with different climates and landforms. Snowbirds, retired people who spend a portion of their year in a different location, have influenced the population boom. The Southwest Region is made up of four large states – Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. It stretches west from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Colorado River in Arizona. Mexico borders the region on the south.  


Students have the choice of picking one of the following tasks to show what they have learned about this region: 

1. Suppose that you have been asked by the leaders of one of Arizona’s five water management areas to design a poster. The poster should remind people of the importance of conserving water. Draw a poster that shows some of the ways people can conserve water. Then display your poster in your classroom.

2.  Choose one of the landforms in the Southwest. Then write a poem or song that describes the land, climate, and resources found there. Share your poem or song with the class.

3.  Make a poster highlighting ten little known facts about the Southwest.

4.  Make a timeline showing important events in New Mexico’s history.

5.  Summarize the important events in Southwest history.

6.  Write a paragraph comparing a state in the Southwest to the state you live in.

7.  Students should imagine they are living in Texas during the time of Mexican rule. Research and tell the importance of the Alamo and the battle cry Remember the Alamo!

8.  Think about how some houses and yards in Tucson are different from those in other parts of the United States. Then make a diorama showing what a house and yard in Tucson might look like. Build your diorama in an empty box turned on its side.

9. Plan a classroom celebration of a Mexican holiday, such as those celebrated by many people in the Southwest. First, research a holiday, such as Mexican Independence Day or Cinco de Mayo. Then, plan the celebration. You may want to make colorful costumes, prepare traditional Mexican foods, or sing Mexican songs.  

As a class, students will create a rubric by which these projects will be evaluated.  


Students will be responsible for choosing a topic, researching it, editing it for errors, and producing a well-organized, neat finished product within the guidelines given by the teacher. All projects will be presented to the class in a large group setting.    


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Books and Magazines

Northeast Region, Mystery State Series, The Education Center, TEC3716

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Students will peer grade the finished products using a rubric created by the students within the class at the beginning of the project.  


Throughout the studies of the Southwest region students should learn of the historical importance, increasing population and stressed natural resources of this region. What resources could be used to handle the increasing water needs of the Southwest region due to people moving to the area?


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