Southeast Region


The Southeast Region of the United States is home to the oldest permanent settlement, and has played an important part in the history of our nation. It hosts endangered animals, the largest known cave system, and the largest granite sculpture carved on a mountain. There are 12 states in the Southeast. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia are 4 of the 13 original states. Georgia is the largest state in the Southeast. Florida, however, has the most people. The remaining states in this region are: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and West Virginia. 


Students will be learning about regional characteristics such as: location, climate and weather, natural resources, physical land features, history, famous landmarks, food, famous people, economy, inventions, plants, animals and places of interest.

Students will be individually creating a pamphlet about a state in the Southeast region and presenting the information to the class.


1.    Students choose a state that they would like to research, making sure all states are researched.

2.    Students will complete the Southeast States Student Activity Sheet for each state.

3.    After the Activity Sheet has been completed, the teacher will check it.

4.    Students will use a 12x18 sheet of construction paper and choose how the pamphlet will be organized.

5.    The pamphlet should entice a tourist to want to visit that region. It should contain information listed in the regional characteristics listed above.

6.    The pamphlet should be neat, colorful and show creative thinking.

7.    A two-minute presentation will be given by each student highlighting his or her state pamphlet.    


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Books and Magazines

Northeast Region, Mystery State Series, The Education Center, TEC3716

The States and Their Symbols, Hilltop Books, Capstone Press


o   Students will be graded on the accuracy of the information on the Student Activity Sheet for each state.

o   Students will be graded on neatness and content of the pamphlet that they created.  

o   Students will be given a presentation grade based on clarity and completeness of information.  


By learning about the Southeast Region, students should be able to recognize characteristics that are unique to this region. Why do you think the nationís capital is in the Southeast Region? Do you think it should be moved to another part of the United States? Where would you propose to move it and why?

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